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Coach:  Jesper
Randozons hade ursprungligen lagnamnet ”Lustrian Ladies” men deras ägare missade att läsa det finstilta i kontraktet med Temple of Nuffle. Förutom påtvingat namnbyte sattes även ett antal regler upp för laget (se bulletin).

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Oct. 20th, 2021
Lustrian Ladies to become Randozons
After signing a sponsor contract with Temple of Nuffle the team Lustrian Ladies has been forced to change their name to Randozons. This is due to the owner missing the fine print in the contract that stated:
1. Temple of Nuffle decide on the team name.
2. From the point of signing the contract all skill choices shall be at the whim of Nuffle.
3. Should the team decide to train a specific skill on a player, Temple of Nuffle will penalise the team with a forced donation of 20.000kgp. This money shall be used for a bounty on the faithless player.
4. The Temple is not without mercy. Should a player with a ‘chosen’ skill suffer a career ending injury the team may train the next player as they see fit at no penalty.
5. This contract cannot be broken except by disbanding the team.
- Jesper
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